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Welcome to HEJ-Arkitekter

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Hej, dear visitors!
We are a young international architecture office placed in Copenhagen.

HEJ stands for Scandinavian philosophy in the international architecture. No matter where it arises. We plan, we implement, we conduct. We build on modern shapes and classic functionality, on beauty and style, on commitment and social effect.

For HEJ architecture does not stop at the panel, urban development and surface broaching are viewed as a whole. Architecture for people and with people.

The focus of our work is to sustainably contribute in the development of the building culture and the utilization of the substance. HEJ develops and plans under the aspect of stability, the individual solution for every project and every constructor.

  • HEJ sees a project through from the first line of a sketch until its finishing.
  • Every project is unique for HEJ and is worked on and looked after individually.

So far apartment constructions, renovations of listed buildings and buildings for the health system have been developed successfully.


Picture Copenhagen

HEJ-Arkitekter consists of the founder Philipp Hesse Engineer Architect MAA as well as two freelance architects, who support the team project-related.

CV Philipp Hesse:

2013/14 Coworker at Claudius Gabriel Architects BDA Leipzig
2014/15 Coworker at Dr. Michael Scheftel, building research Lüberk, project-oriented
2015/18 Coworker at Heske Hochgürtel Lohse Architects PartGmbB, Lübeck
since 08/2016 parallel projects in direct responsibility, Freelancer
since 11/2017 Arkitekt MAA
since 02/2018 owner of HEJ-Arkitekter København

Some of our projects

Philipp Hesse, founder of HEJ-Arkitekter, works successfully as the project leader at the general refurbishment of the Music- and Congresshall Lübeck MuK in the first and second stage of the refurbishment process through the cooperation with Heske Hochgürtel Lohse Architekten PartGmbB Lübeck. HEJ Arkitekter is currently working on various refurbishments such as listed buildings in North Germany as well as the conversion and refurbishing of an old agricultural object into a contemporary living space.


Visualizing of the consisted rooms including the estimate for the planned redesign of the worldfamous towngate.

Project Example
Raum 1
Project Example
Raum 2
Project Example
Raum 3
Project Example
Raum 4
Project Example
Raum 5
Project Example
Raum 6
Project Example
Raum 7
Project Example
Raum 9

Sankt Gabriel:

Project study for the conversion of the historical Sankt Gabriel Church in Hamburg into a complex for accommodations for people with dementia under consideration of the financial possibilities of the charitable investor.

Project Example
Ansicht Kirche
Project Example
Ansicht seitlich
Project Example
Project Example
Detail Ausbau
Project Example
Grundriss 2. OG
Project Example
Grundriss EG
Project Example
Grundriss UG
Project Example
Grundriss Kolumbarium
Project Example
Schnitt Kirche II
Project Example
Schnitt Kolumbarium


Refurbisment of a town house:
The refurbishment of a listed 450 years old town house in the heart of a world cultural heritage. Until the end of July 2018 its half-timber and its cladding is being refurbished.

Project Example
GrGrö 1
Project Example
GrGrö 2
Project Example
GrGrö 3
Project Example
GrGrö 4
Project Example
GrGrö 5
Project Example
GrGrö 6
Project Example
GrGrö 7
Project Example
GrGrö 8
Project Example
GrGrö 9

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